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Custom CNC machining parts machining services for rapid prototyping, new product introduction and low-volume production.

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Our online CNC machining services

With over 200 sets of 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machines in China, GUAN SHENG is your ideal choice for outsourcing custom and precision CNC machining services. We provide more than 100 different types of materials and surface finishes with experience in a seamless transtion from prototype through production. Lead time as short as days.

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CNC Milling Service

3-axis CNC milling price rate from $10 per hour, 5-axis CNC milling center highest tolerance up to ±0.0008″ (0.02 mm) Cost-effective CNC milling parts manufacturer for prototype machining and production parts.

CNC Turning Service

Self-owned workshop with 50+ CNC Lathes and CNC turning centers, providing cost-effective prototype and production machining services with fast lead times. Live tooling available for complex projects.

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